1.      Never delay or you will be replaced immediatelly (unannounced).
2.    Don’t be a DIVA, I don’t want know if you sing like a angel, I wanna you sing happily and don’t making hurts in others persons.
3.    Be friendly and have much fun!
4.    If you want say something, just send a PM (private message) for us and we will try make our best to you ^^

ATTENTION: We accept everyone, but if you delay you will be replaced. This is very important. If you need just ASK ONE EXTENSION.
What about this? So… you will have more 10 days and if you can’t send again you will be replaced, sorry.
But if I need a hiatus? No problem! Just say calendar day you want comeback to group, like…

“I in travel to 11.11 so I will ask for after 11th day.”

Asked For Extension:
  1. Group - Person - Position - Day.Month
  2. Starz - Brey - DaSom - 18.11
  3. Queens/G-BOT - JJ - AhReum, Q-Ri/Sam, Euarim/Hyemin, Bini - 25.11
  4. Unbroken - Woo - Daehyun - 25.11
  5. Aphrodite/Genies/APANDA/F's/HyunA (Solo) - Lili - Yookyung/Tiffany/HaYoung/Ji In, Hyeri/HyunA - 20.11
  6. Riku - Only Love - 18.12.2013
  7. Ana - Only Love - 20.12.2013
Last Modified: 05.12.2013

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