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Lili - HyunA
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3.     Songs released is in RED & BOLD.

Singer: HyunA / Troublemaker (G1).

  • Change (ft. Junhyung)
  • Love Parade
  • A Bitter Day (ft. G.NA, Junhyung)
  • Attention!
  • Bubble Pop
  • Downtown (ft. Ji Yoon)
  • Just Follow (ft. Dok2)
  • Don't Fall Apart
  • Ice Cream (ft. Maboos)
  • Unripe Apple (ft. Jung Ilhoon)
  • To My Boyfriend
  • Very Hot
  • A Fistfull Of Dollars (ft. Nassun)
  • Faddy Robot (ft. Joosuc, Outsider, Sangchu, Vasco, Verbal Jint and Yong Jun Hyung)
  • 2009 (ft. AJ)
  • Wasterfull Tears (ft. NAVI)
  • Say You Love Me (ft. G.NA)
  • Say You Love Me (Vicc Beat) (ft. G.NA)
  • Say You Love Me (Confession) (ft. G.NA)
  • Golden Lady (ft. Lim Jeong Hee)
  • Let It Go (ft. Heo Yeong Saeng)
  • Maker (ft. Roh Ji Hoon)
  • Don't Hurt (ft. Eru)
  • Gangnam Style (HyunA Version, ft. PSY)
  • Trouble Maker
  • Deutgi Sirheun Mal
  • Time (ft. Rado)
  • Amureochi Annni
  • Turn Up The Volume
  • There Is No Tomorrow/Now
  • The Girl Who Wants To Play (JS/Hyunseung Solo)
  • Attention/Come Here
  • I Like (HyunA ft. Flowsik) (HyunA Solo)

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